You’re Number 1 on Facebook – Zuckerberg tells Trump

President Trump Brags As Zuckerberg Say He’s Facebook’s ‘Number One’.

President Donald Trump seems to be thrilled about being Facebook’s number one. Trump who spoke in a live interview with right-wing radio talk show host, Rush Limbaugh, said that Mark Zuckerberg said to him at a dinner that he is “number one” on the global social media platform.

Trump said;

“I had dinner with Mark Zuckerberg the other day and he said ‘I’d like to congratulate you… you are number one on Facebook.”

President Trump, however, did not state exactly when the dinner happened.

However, he spoke of the value he gives to social media in passing across his messages to the public, in which he believes will bypass popular news platforms who are often biased against him in relaying news and information to the public.

There have been speculations that President Trump had used social media platforms, particularly Facebook and Twitter to foster untrue statements and conspiracy theories.

According to Channels TV news on Tuesday, January 7, 2020, Trump is the number on Facebook due to his political ads money which has fostered a narrative that Facebook may be unduly influenced by the Republicans.

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