You’ll Never Forget To Carry C0nd0M After Seeing What Happened To this girl At a Party

September 19, 2017

we know guy has that one female friend that he crushes on and wishes he would smash if the opportunity ever arose. To me Alice was that girl – a sweet Kale chic from Eldoret that i had known since my college years. She hailed from a wealthy family and loved the good life. We loved teasing each other. The tension kept steaming.


<p>One of the scenes captures him playing the piano while in another, Mercy Johnson serves him at a dining table. Of his behaviour on set, Mercy said:<br />
@2niteflavour was such a gentleman and he couldn’t stop laffing. So much fun acting alongside him and singing. Bless you man.”</p>
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It would only be a matter of time before we would tear each others clothes off . So a few months ago, Alice invited me to her birthday party at their family mansion at Elgon View Estate in Eldoret.

I went, mostly because I had nothing better to do on the weekend she was holding her bash. We had fun, I met some of her equally BFFs and even took their numbers. The next day, on a Sunday, almost everyone left and I remained with Alice and her mum in the house.

My plan was to travel back to Nairobi with my brother Jemo who was bound to drive back from ocha on Monday morning. Within that short period, Alice’s mother developed a liking for me already and so she insisted that I stay till when I was ready to leave
In fact she even sat alone with me for two hours that Sunday while Alice had gone to shop for a few household items and told me I looked like a good fit for her daughter, Good fit? With the blessings of her mother I decided to persue and see if my shuma would ‘fit’. When Alice returned, we had lunch then spent the rest of the afternoon in the swimming pool, where she taught me a few fish moves.. A swimming champ, she had participated in several swimming competitions before so

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