Yoruba Actor Yomi Fabiyi Cries Out Publicly,Reveals He Wants To Marry Toyin Aimakhu Abraham….See

September 17, 2017

Popular nollywood actor,Yomi Fabiyi took to his instagram handle to gush over his colleague,Toyin Abraham as he confessed how he loved her since he met her nine years ago.He wrote;

 “I didnt know my phone has got smiley-enabled icons that I can use on instagram. I use words instead of things like ????. if anybody has been observing my posts. This cute babe here @toyin_abraham showed me on Tuesday. This is one friend dat will prefer to sleep on the couch for me to sleep on her bed on a visit except there is a spare room. She always love to take anything discomforting away from me. Testimonies boku oh.  The sad part is, people only see what I do for her more or my PDA. I see what most don’t see and I am honoured Toyin. I must say this out except am ungrateful. Recently one rude, reckless but mischievious element(a pervert) tried to frame me up in what I know nothing about in an apparent attempt to hurt you or our friendship but your words/action that you trust me and know I can never do what she framed me into melts my heart. You are such a support system and friend.

A friend that knows you make you. Your approach and composture that day shocked me(until that day, Toyin and I saw last in April or so). “Yomi ignore, aunty tell Yomi to ignore so it will not look like I don’t trust him. Those are your words and I will not forget in a hurry”. Dear Toyin, you are human, you are prone to mistakes or ugly decisions sometimes but I know how good you are if nobody try to distabilize you mentally and emotionally especially with betrayal. I know what loyalty means to folks like us. The true confession is that I USED TO LOVE YOU and over 9yrs ago after I asked you out and you reacted neutrally with humility, you didnt bruise my ego. I concluded perhaps it’s not meant to lead beyond friendship.

I maintained that till date. Love conqueres all and you are always new to me. You have maybe 2% past I do not know of. If I am however unlucky again not to have you as my wife, you sure know I have treated our friendship with everything TRUE LOVE AND A SOULMATE REQUIRES. It means you are still that SPECIAL BEING TO ME and YOUR PAST ARE MY TISSUE PAPERS, I HAVE LONG REVIEWED AND DISPOSED THEM. Keep being good.


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