Wack 100 Says Eric Holder Killing Nipsey Hussle Was The Proper Street Move

There’s been rumors that there is a tape of Wack 100 praising Eric (Sh*tty Cuz) Holder for murdering Nipsey Hussle after Nip allegedly called him a snitch.

The tape has finally been released. On it, the West Coast Cash Money boss explains that Nipsey Hussle overstepped his position when he leveled the rat accusation against Holder and argued Holder responded the way gangbangers are supposed to.

“It’s a harsh reality, but when you stepping out of civilization into the jungle of gangbanging. Sh*tty Cuz, the alleged gunman Sh*tty Cuz, when it comes to the rules of engagement of gangbanging, he did what he was supposed to do.  When another gangbanger calls you a faggot, a pedophile or a snitch you supposed to handle your business. Now, are some people saddened that it happened to who it happened to? Probably so. I’m gonna call a spade a spade,” Wack said. “You playing football, you better show up with a helmet. You think I go right now to the hood I go up to all the old Mfers and I’m cool?”

Wack 100 addressed his comments before the audio was made available, calling them his “personal opinion” and blasting the guy who secretly recorded him. (Jump to 2 minutes)

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