Victor Olaiya’s son reveals his dad’s greatest regret

Bayode, a son of late highlife musician, Victor Olaiya, has said that before his death, his father achieved his purpose in life.

Bayode, who is also a trumpeter and the substantive lead vocalist of the late Olaiya’s band, revealed that his father’s greatest regret was marrying more than one wife.

Recalling how he learnt about his father’s death, the trumpeter said,

“My father was such a great man. I was at work when I heard about his death. I didn’t believe initially because I had been called like that before about him passing away so I didn’t quite believe when I got the news. He taught me to be disciplined and to remember the son of whom I am. While he was alive, he told me his greatest regret was marrying more than one wife.”

He added,

“I don’t think people have unfinished businesses before they die. I think my dad achieved all he wanted to. We practically forced him to do the remix (‘Baby Jowo’) with 2baba because he didn’t believe in remixing his songs. But, he loved some of the present day artistes and also collaborated with some of them. If there was anything he wanted to do, he would have done it. However, he used to go to some orphanages and old people’s homes to give them money and other things.”

On some of his fond memories of his father, the singer said,

“He was a jolly fellow and music was his life. He didn’t like lazy people and procrastinators. When it comes to my favourite among his songs, I would pick his Igbo highlife tunes.”

Describing his father’s last days, Olaiya said,

“In his last days, he had a lot of wisdom and took things simply. He encouraged his children a lot. He was also very generous and he helped people he didn’t even know.”

Bayode also said that contrary to what many thought, the late actress, Moji Olaiya, wasn’t the musician’s daughter but his niece.

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