Uche Maduagwu comes for Singer simi for saying “Nigerian men are not romantic

September 18, 2017

Self-acclaimed biggest actor in Nigeria Uche Maduagwu has said he would never date singer Simi until she apologizes for her statement in a recent interview about Nigerian men not being romantic.

The ‘Jamb Question’ crooner in a n interview with Sunday Scoop, said Nigerian men are not romantic and think the are entitled to anything, adding that Mothers are the ones to be blamed.

Uche Maduagwu has disagreed with her, saying that Nigerian men are over-romantic and if Simi doesn’t retract her statement, he would never date her.

In a long post on Instagram he wrote:


I’ll think about dating you if you apologize for saying Nigerian men are not romantic…? @symplysimi That’s wrong, Nigerian men are very #romantic, in short, “over romantic” is worrying some of us…? Its only in #Nigeria, that you will see a man who doesn’t have much, but will still try his best to make sure his #girlfrienduses a better and more expensive #phonethan he does, is that not #romantic? @symplysimi

Honestly, you are one of the most #beautiful female singers in Nigeria, and that’s because you have a very unique sound which i feel makes you stand out, but i am the #biggest actor in Nigeria too, and i will only think about dating you if you apologize to Nigerian #men… Please nobody should beg me. #repost #music#nollywood #regrann #share #naija #pics#girls #l

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