Taylor Swift Drags Scooter Braun During Billboard Woman of the Decade Speech

Taylor Swift had a lot to say about Scooter Braun last night during her Billboard Woman of the Decade honouree speech.

THR reports that Jameela Jamil introduced Swift, who then went off on her former manager.

“When this decade began I was 20 years old,” Swift said. “I saw that as a female in this industry, some people will always have the slightest reservations about you.” Examples include questioning “whether a male was really responsible in the studio… or whether it was a savvy record label [responsible for your success]. It wasn’t,” she said pointedly. “People want to explain away a woman’s success in this industry.”

After Fearless won the album of the year Grammy, she said the “Swift backlash” exploded. “All of a sudden they weren’t sure if I was the one writing the songs, because sometimes I had co-writers in the room. This is what happens to a woman in music if she achieves success beyond people’s comfort level.”

As on the Lover standout “The Man,” Swift continued to call out double standards. “Have you ever heard someone say about a male artist, ‘I really like his songs, but there’s something about him I don’t like.’ No, that criticism is reserved for us.”

For Swift, the solution to endless adversity is forward motion. “It comes down to this: who lets that scrutiny break them and who keeps making great art?” she asked. “I watched as one of my favorite artists of the decade, Lana Del Rey, was ruthlessly criticized early in her career… and she turned into, in my opinion, the most influential artist in pop… And this year, her incredible album is nominated for album of the year.”

Then, Swift called out what she sees as unfair music business practices with regards to private equity and other people’s art. “Lately there’s been a new shift that has affected me personally, and as your resident loud person, I feel like I need to bring it up. And that’s the unregulated world of private equity and people buying up your music… like it’s a shoe line.”

“This happened to me without my consent,” she said, referring to the recent purchase of her back catalog by former Big Machine label head Scott Borchetta and his new partner Scooter Braun. “Scooter [Braun] never contacted me or my team to discuss it prior to the sale,” she said, noting she feels it should have been possible for her to buy her catalog before they did.

And she said a lot more. Watch her below:

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