SARS Officer, Police Inspector Killed In Port-Harcourt At Suspect’s House

September 13, 2017
Contrary to reports that a SARS official and a police inspector were shot dead by armed robbers, it has been revealed that the security operatives were allegedly killed by the Inspector General of Police IGP monitoring team in Port-Harcourt, Rivers state capital.

According to Barrister Chijioke Christian Woke, the SARS official and police inspector went for a raid at a suspect’s house in Port-Harcourt. The suspect reportedly called his friend who is a member of the IGP monitoring team – allegedly telling him that his house was under siege by armed robbers.

According to Christian Woke, when the police team came, they told the other security team to stand down and surrender their weapons. The SARS official reportedly told the IGP’s team – his name and rank as he also told them to contact the commissioner of police to verify the information.

The IGP’s team who were reportedly not convinced refused – saying that they are answerable only to the Inspector General of Police and not the commissioner of police.

The SARS official and police inspector refused to surrender their weapons and in the course of the argument, the security operatives were shot dead.

According to Christian, the matter has been brought to the office of the commissioner of police in Rivers state as the investigation continues.


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