Rapper, Wale narrates his shocking experience with strippers in South Africa

Rapper Wale was given a fake currency when he visited a strip club after landing in South Africa on Wednesday.

The rapper took to social media to share his experience at a strip club in Johannesburg.

“They gave us fake money in the strip club yesterday ?? .. they said it was just for show… I’m still tryna understand was I bamboozled or is that the vibe in Joburg strip club lol ps (still was fun),” read his tweet.

A Twitter user replied:

“You buy the fake notes with real money. They ( the club and the strippers) know what they’re worth it’s for the safety of the strippers. Cause no one will steal fake notes. Delete this please.”

Another wrote:

“The fake money is like tokens that the ladies exchange for real cash at the end of their shift. Jozi is different. Real money would make the place a target for armed robbery. Glad you enjoyed it. Safe travels to #WeBackHomeFest.”

The rapper is in South Africa for the We Back Home festival. Cassper Nyovest, who’ll be headlining the event alongside Wale, posted a video of himself fetching Wale from the airport.

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