PornHub VP Denies Offering Deyjah Harris $1 Million To Lose Virginity On Site

Pornhub has issued a statement shutting down claims that they offered Deyjah Harris $1 million to lose her virginity on their site.

The drama began days after an interview surfaced in which Deyjah’s father, rapper T.I., bragged about dragging the teenager annually to a genealogist to have her hymen checked.

T.I. was dragged for her, has yet to addressed the drama ever since. And it wasn’t long before rumours started making rounds that PornHub offered Deyjah money to lose her virginity on their site.

But Corey Price, the Vice President of #PornHub, tells THR that it is not true.

“There is absolutely no truth to this rumor whatsoever,” he tells TSR. “It started as a photoshopped meme on social media and we quickly denounced it on Twitter. Let me be clear in saying this here, as well. Pornhub has not, and absolutely will not, extend any offer of any kind.”

What do you think though?

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