Man gets unexpected response when he mailed ex-girlfriend to fix one-night-stand

A randy American man has shared an email conversation with his former girlfriend asking for an appointment to have ‘one night stand’ with her.

The man took to Twitter to share screenshots of the conversation via his handle @iEat2please.

According to him, the lady had blocked him on all social media and instant messaging apps, so he decided to send her an email.

He captioned:

“I emailed my ex to set up a dick appointment since she blocked me on everything, and she wrote me back.”

The intrepid dude wrote the lady to inform her he would be interested in scheduling a sexual engagement with her.

Part of his mail reads:

I am emailing you to schedule an appointment, your dick appointment. While my schedule is open for any day and any time, I must request your availability.

“The goal is to have your legs so weak that you can no longer operate your vehicle.”

The lady in her response to the mail said she was “very pleased” in his interest for an appointment.

Part of her mail reads:

“I foresee no issues in your required three rounds. Alcohol would be provided upon arrival, courtesy of the house. Please arrive with stamina, backshots are MANDATORY.

“Also please arrive on time to all scheduled appointments, late arrival will result in penalties.”

The tweet has gone viral on Twitter, with some social media users who perceived that a bond still exists between the two former lovers asking the man why he broke up with the lady.

He responded:

“We agreed to end things. No one cheated and no one hates each other. It’s a complex matter but we made the best decision for us.”

While they may not hook up for the planned tryst, the couple may still get the award for best-behaved exes. Lol.

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