Man fined N270K for ‘Camping and Impregnating’ Lady

A 28-year old Zambian man Andrew Mtonga who camped his girlfriend in his house and impregnated her without her parents’ consent has been ordered by a court to pay N274,895 (K10, 000) as compensation to the parent.

The ruling by the Chelstone Local Court in Lusaka, Zambia’s capital city, was in line with the demand of the mother of the lady that Mtonga should either give her four fat cows for taking her daughter without consent or pay K10, 000.

The Zambian Sun reports that the lady’s mother, Maria Mweemba, 67, sued Mtonga for taking her daughter in June 2018 without her consent.

Mweemba told senior local court senior magistrate, Charity Milambo, that Mtonga also failed to attend all the meetings called by her to discuss the issue.

“I want him to pay me because he took my daughter without permission, it is not acceptable in Tonga tradition,” she said.

Mweemba said,

“I want him to give me four fat cows equivalent to K10, 000, and I cannot reduce the amount because at one point he had impregnated my daughter and after the baby died he just bought the dead body and that was the first time I met him.”

But Mtonga said he was just in a relationship with Mweemba’s daughter as he was not planning to marry any time soon.

“I’m willing to pay but they should at least reduce it, I can only manage K500 because I don’t have any money now,” he said.

Mweemba’s daughter, Happiness, who also testified in the matter, said Mtonga wanted to marry another woman after living with her for a year and some months.

“He impregnated another woman, he is not my first boyfriend though I already have a five-year-old child with my first boyfriend. I still love him,” she said.

The Court ordered him to pay K10, 000 for elopement, with K5, 000 as the first installment by November 27 and thereafter monthly payments of K500.

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