Ja Rule says if all celebs left social media there would be no social media

American rapper, Ja Rule has said that there would be no social media without celebs.

In a since deleted tweet, Ja Rule who was been attacked by trolls stated that Social media is for clowns and wouldn’t exist without celebs.

On Tuesday he shared that he has an accounting company that helps people clean up their credit, build their credit, and complete their taxes. While this is something that he’s reportedly had going on for years.

Social media trolls decided to attack him for being involve in the Fyre Festival even though no charges were filed against him and he was cleared of any wrongdoing but his ormer partner Billy McFarland is in jail.

Ja has expressed his interest in revamping the Fyre Festival but this time, it would be a real concert with booked acts and edible food.

He was being trolled and this led to his tweet;
“Social media is for clowns… if all the celebs left social media there would be no more social media!!!”

See screenshot of his tweet below.

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