‘I will come for you’ – Dabota Lawson attacks Linda Ikeji

Yesterday, ex model and business womanDabota Lawson shared some adorable photos of her three years old baby girl, and as expected the photos went viral on blogs.

“My everyday crush, my greatest Love. Since she came into my life it’s been blessings upon blessings upon blessings. I’m thankful to my Heavenly Father every day for The Love of My Life, Queen Reignah,” Dabota captioned the photos.

She is however upset with blogger Linda Ikeji for allowing her readers to insinuate that she bleached her daughter’s skin.

Attacking Linda Ikeji via a lengthy Instagram post released moments ago, Dabota shared photos of her baby girl and had this to say:


“This is my baby from when she was a few days old to recent date . You have to be careful not to be consumed and believe everything you see on the internet.I Learnt that the hard way and I continue to struggle with trying to protect who and what I love.I am sick and tired of the LINDA IKEJI BLOG PLATFORM. I would like to openly request that they no longer post anything that concerns me .

I’ve never experienced a hate train as fast as that of the LINDA IKEJI platform.I genuinely feel attacked .I’m surprised at who ever is assigned or dedicated to making sure that everything about me leads to a negative conversation or puts me in a bad light.I didn’t want to address this a while ago because in such a short space of time I saw Miss Linda herself go through series of embarrassing situation which she created over her false engagement , celibacy issues and struggles , her pregnancy and child’s paternity brouhaha.I went from being so angry at her to feeling sorry for her . Actually let me not lie It’s indeed a wonderful feeling to see a woman even if for a day go through what they put you through

The Linda Ikeji platform time and time again ridiculed me and my child. Giving my child different fathers on baseless assumptions, not allowing me the choice to keep my private life private . Screen munching a video and distorting the photo of my child on her first birthday and making all kinds of claims to ruin my effort of making a memorable occasion for my innocent little girl , her platform allowing people call my child all kinds of hurtful names .

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