I Go Dye Received UK DFID and Youth Alive Foundation Ambassador award to tackle Corruption in Nigeria

December 13, 2017

United nation world habitat ambassador Francis Agoda (I Go Dye) received UK DFID and youth alive foundation  ambassador award to tackle Corruption in Nigeria.

on 9th Saturday in Abuja.  Making A Different Against Corruption Today Award was presented to I Go Dye by Uk’s DFID and youth alive foundation to tackle Corruption in Nigeria and enlighten youths about corruption  Nigeria.When received the award I Go Dye then dedicate Award to pensioner and their  children, he said I  want to once again remind us, that the issue of corruption witnessed against pensioners is the highest form of ill treatment against humanity,denying them their benefits is unimaginable in a society like ours that has no social welfare package for elderly people.


We all should speak now for their comfort,because this is part of the reasons why young people hate public service and when they often get employment they see it as a means to steal public funds to preserve them against foreseeable  situations facing pensioners across the nation.
May God bless Nigeria and keep all the pensioners alive to eat the fruits of their labour

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