Ghanaian Celebrities Are Raging As Cardi B Kept Them Waiting For Hours… She Apologized That She Was ‘Purging’ [Video]

American Rapper, Cardi B who left Nigeria for Ghana yesterday December 8, has apologized for keeping Ghanaian celebrities waiting after getting called out.

A handful of Ghanaian celebrities took to social media yesterday to call out the superstar rapper for keeping them waiting for over 4 hours after turning up for a meet and greet. It was learnt that some Ghanaian celebrities turned up at Kempinski hotel where the meet and greet with Cardi B was supposed to hold, but the rapper didn’t show up.

Ghanaian media personality, Afia Schwarznegger who called out Cardi B wrote on Instagram;

“I will NOT wait 4 hrs for Jesus….I wont do that for @iamcsrdib
The cheap so called Celebrities are still waiting for their fellow human being till 8:40pm. Whiles madam is on some coke n khebab

Ghanaian singer, Wendy Shay wrote;

So u guys called us to come have a one on one lunch date with @iamcardib and she has been chewing khebab for 7 hours in her room without showing up What do u guys take Ghana celebrities for ?! This can never happen in Nigeria Wake up Ghana ! She is Cardi B and I am WENDY SHAY!

However reacting to the call out posts, Cardi B apologized and further disclosed that she never knew they were waiting. The rapper who disclosed she’s been having issues with her stomach for over a week, asked Ghanaian celebrities angry with her to relax as she came to Africa to turn up and not to hide from them.

Here is the video below;

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