Eminem and Dr. Dre Show Show Up at 50 Cent’s Walk of Fame Ceremony

Yesterday, 50 Cent was honoured with his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and some of those who stepped out to support him were Dr. Dre and Eminem.

The hip-hop legends discovered 50 in 2002 and signed him to Shady Records, and yesterday, they took a moment during the ceremony to praise the artist and dear friend.

“Out of all the things that I don’t remember about 2002, I have a very clear memory of the first time I met 50,” Eminem said, per THR. “I think one of the things I noticed when he first walked into the room was his presence, right, because it just kinda felt like he’s gonna be a star. Like, just the way he carried himself, swagger, everything. It just seemed like he was the whole package. What’s crazy about it to me is the charisma and the personality matched the intensity of his music and that first album is so classic.”

“The first time I met 50, I was so excited to meet him, so I started rapping all his songs to him and I didn’t really let him talk,” Eminem continued. “I kinda was trying to show him how into him I was. But I think I might have probably overdid it.”

The “Lose Yourself” rapper then added how he and Dr. Dre trusted their instincts when it came to 50. “I’m here today because this is not only a business partner to me. It’s one of the best friends I’ve ever known in the world,” he expressed, naming all his accomplishments.

When it was 50’s time to speak, he directed his first words to Dre and Eminem. “I’d like to thank both Em and Dre. I don’t honestly think my career would have been what it was without their support,” 50 Cent said. “Dre is a mentor for the whole squad because he’s been doing it long before that and was able to guide us in different ways without even knowing that he’s doing it.”

Congratulations to him.

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