Catholic Priest defends saving a Life with Tithe – ‘You’ve only robbed your Greedy Pastor’

A Catholic Priest, Rev. Fr. John Oluoma has said saving a life with tithe should not be categorized as an act of cheating God.

Oluoma of the Catholic Archdiocese of Abuja stated this while addressing congregants in his parish in a viral video.

In the footage presently making the round on the internet, the priest explained that Christians should not neglect acts of goodness over religiosity.

“If you’re coming to the church with your tithe and you met an accident on your way, with the victim about to die and if you don’t intervene with the money (tithe) you have the person will die. If that is all you have with you, take the tithe and save the life.”

He added that it is wrong for men of God to claim anyone who saves a life with tithe has cheated God.

“You have only robbed your greedy man of God,” he said.

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