BBNaija: Cindy, Frodd, Mercy and Diane up for fake eviction

Housemates Mercy, Frodd, Diane and Cindy have been out up for fake eviction.

News Agency of Nigeria reports that unknown to the housemates, there will be no eviction this week, making their nominations invalid.

The ten remaining housemates were called into the diary room for the usual nomination process, with each of them nominating two housemates each.

Ike nominated Frodd and Cindy, who nominated Diane and Ike. Omashola nominated Mercy and Diane, who nominated Mike and Omashola.


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Mike nominated Diane and Mercy while Tacha nominated Cindy and Mike, Seyi nominated Ike and Mercy while Frodd nominated Cindy and Mercy.

On her part, Mercy nominated Frodd and Omashola, and Elozonam nominated Frodd and Tacha.

While the nominations were rolled out, Frodd seemed upset to have been nominated again. On the flip side, Tacha was relieved to escape nomination.

NAN reports that the fake eviction tension was further fueled by the lack of a Veto power of chance holder for a save and replace.

For the remaining part of the week, housemates will pick photographs from a red box. The housemate with a complete picture would hold the ultimate veto power.


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    1. At the beginning of the show , i got it so irritating but not it getting me more excited!!! Omoboy you’re mouthed

    1. Big brother keeps giving it hot to d housemates, just us Isoko boy is giving us good n interesting news up to date abt d housemates, 100% lit bro ,u bam 🔥, more love

  1. Am really seeing omoshola as the winner of this game cox the guy is really smart and one thing i like about him is he always say his mind #warripikin

  2. Tacha always nominate mike, let our guy breath pls, as for diane get on your knees and thank your creator for no eviction this week otherwise your would have been the one to go.

  3. Guess the house mates must be in a hot set by being nominated if only there knew no one is going to leave the house on Sunday,, And no one will live but Ebuka head nor dy house o bro 😂😂😂

  4. I think Dianne should leave the house if possible she is nominated on the real eviction nominations because she is hiding in that house. She is not among the big 5.

  5. Tacha always nominate mike, let our guy breath pls, as for diane get on your knees and thank your creator for no eviction this week otherwise your would have been the one to go. But they are mad just when its fake nomination they nominated the right people 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂

  6. Area on how e con be now so eh no look me look wentin I they show you lol.. Thanks for the many many update.. As you the make the area goes well so… Isoko boi to the world

  7. This is getting interesting 💯 so ever wins the ultimate veto power is automatically saved for finals and he or she has the power to save one other person.

    The remaining 8 wil be up for eviction of which 3 will be selected to join the other 2 for final week.

    Now Big brother will make money oh
    #isokoboy12 Thanks 🙏 for the link…

  8. I will always be interesting with stuffs like this in the house, loving the show every day. #isokoboy12 great new, may God continue to bless our hustle.

  9. As the nominated housemate for fake eviction this week is rejoicing, let’s do our own live Voting/eviction here and fish out who this fake eviction favoured most as Biggie is trying to capture the ultimate veto power holder this week.

    List of the housemates:-
    Mercy (Voting for Mercy say Pepper)
    Diane (Voting for Diane say Hello)
    Frodd (Voting for Frodd say Hi)
    Cindy (Voting for Cindy say Yello)

    Remember just for fun and no insult.
    (Pepper dem gang)

  10. But I was shocked when mercy bought immunity. Poor girl she might be thinking either one of those housemates will be going home on Sunday.


  11. Diane is just so lucky definitely she is the one leaving assuming it was not a fake eviction…but biggie sha its just three weeks left what is he actually up to I can’t wait for the grand finale jor make I see who go win…….. obloblo

  12. Big brother keeps giving it hot to d housemates, just as Isoko boy is giving us good n interesting hit about d housemates, 100% lit bro, u bam, more love 👆

  13. This year BBN is one of the most unpredictable one I have ever watched, the last it was seyi and tacha on fake eviction, now it is Cindy, mercy, frood, and Diana….. Its well oh with the house mate even if they are not inside the well, lol😂

  14. No dey fear mercy na you get am everything dey with you can you hear me now no dey reason all does Ogberagas industry housemate them oh

  15. made me pick interest in reading articles online keep it up bro. U just fed me with bbn top news cos where I dey is far from electricity. 08100334475 Mtn 9ja

  16. This is out obvious just because she hasn’t been nominated, so you have the mind to nominate her abi,well Mercy is going no were… Big up @isokoboy Jah bless

  17. wow, fake eviction…..this means the week is gonna be fun… Really glad they didn’t nominate Tacha, dey Don too worry the girl fake or nah 🙂

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