Ambassador EFE MARTINS a.k.a. DUNGA Supports Young entrepreneur With 2million Naira To Mark His Birthday

October 20, 2018

Founder of FIRST CHILD AND PRISONER CARE FOUNDATION Ambassador EFE MARTINS a.k.a. DUNGA supports young entrepreneur with #2million to mark his birthday;
With the hardship in the country, a young dynamic Nigerian is putting smiles on the faces of a lot of youths with his business empoweremet agenda for young entrepreneurs.

Recently he asked young Nigerians to DM him a business idea that can be financed with the tune of a #100,000 through his handle @efemarticl1 and the entries where overwhelming, due to the passion of helping young ones, he increased the numbers of entrepreneurs to 20 and he gave out #100,000 each to support their businesses.
Efemarticl1 is a young man who is doing Nigeria proud in his own little ways, Ambassador EFE MARTINS a.k.a. DUNGA said his dream is to make sure his foundation make 1 million NIGERIANS smile at the end of 2019 and more in the next years through his foundation FIRST CHILD AND PRISONER CARE FOUNDATION. Follow him @efemarticl1


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